Winter Solstice: Hunkering Down In Philadelphia

I honestly don’t know anyone- who’s a real person with a non-celebrity life- who has a perfect body. Bodies are our vehicles for getting through this life and, much like the cars in our driveways, they show the wear and tear of a vast many experiences. Mint condition cars require obsessive maintenance and aren’t subject to regular use. Our bodies are the same.

First of all, the decorative concrete floor is exclusive. No two floors match each other and so when you have one o them, you can be assured that the visitors have never seen it before.

Once the slab form work is in place, the level for the concrete floor slab is taken. The level for the main house is taken as one when concreting. The area of for the split level then is marked. This is on the main door entrance, laundry, kitchen and lounge or dinning external doors. The depth is put at four inches lower. This is then marked out with a timber piece of four by three inches. The timber piece is for dividing the main house area and the split level area. The timber is to be flush with the external slab form work on top with the four inches side upright.

The second step involves selecting the equipment. Should it be a portable system or an in-ground system? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The portable systems are good for casual players. They are convenient to install and can be wheeled away when the court is no longer needed. The portable systems include a base with wheels, backboard, pole, and rim.

Restrict cycling to sidewalks, paths and until children show how well they can ride and observe basic rules of the road (usually around age 9).

Cleaning concrete – Acid etching concrete is highly effective for removing rust, dirt, grime and salts from the concrete surface. Always wear a mask, the fumes are strong. After about 15 minutes the acids can be washed off. Rinse, squeegee and wet vac off until water is clear. The easiest and most effective is a gelled acid. Gelled acid can be rolled on the floor and agitated with a stiff bristle broom. Then use a scraper to remove and wash with water. The acid releases dirt and grime, algae and the gel works as a carrier. A highly effectively cleaning and and etching process.

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