Wedding Music Mishaps

It’s not easy to see someone you care about laid up in a hospital bed. There are times you feel you would do just about anything to get them out of there, because you know how horribly boring and depressing it could be at times.

Radio is the next big thing and will reach out to the audiences through this new and entertaining medium. There is something for everyone on Cool 94.7 fm from retro Hindi songs download to the recent peppy Bollywood numbers. Cool 94.7fm strives to create a unique identity, which relates to UAE’s lifestyle of the young, hip, enthusiastic and responsible individual, by infusing 100% unadulterated fun into all the shows!

Freezepop is always good fun in the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games. Three Freezepop songs were just released- Science Genius Girl, Get Ready 2 Rokk and Less Talk More Rokk. To put it bluntly, download all three. This is a great set, though Less Talk More Rokk is the best of the bunch. Even though you might have played Less Talk More Rokk before (Guitar Hero 2), and the guitar track is a solid adaptation of this. It’s every bit as fun as it was then- in fact, moreso now that you have more instruments to play with. If you download just one of the three songs, download this one.

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Hh…Hula-hoops are something that not all of us have a talent for. However, they don’t have to be used for spinning around your waist. Lay it on the ground and see how many times you both can jump into the circle and out of the circle. Let your child pretend it’s a steering wheel in the world’s biggest car. Vroom all around the house! Your child will find a zillion different things to do with a hula-hoop.

If there is one thing that really bothers me about a lot of songs, it is this: I don’t know what the heck the song is about! If it takes me more than two listens to figure out what the song is saying, something’s wrong. “Abstract” songs that only mean something to the writer or require accompanying notes are simply self-indulgent. If you want that, fine. But don’t expect it to be a hit (unless you follow its publication with a high profile murder, which I don’t recommend. Think of the families!) You are writing to say something, so say it! Don’t talk around it.

Salman Khan also accepted the offer from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London to have wax replica made of him. Salman Khan was one of the top Khan’s in 90’s with Shahrukh and Aamir being the other two. Salman is a nice man and he also believes in giving chance to newcomers. He also donates blood to children often in the hospital. So we can conclude a soft hearted man within hard body.