True Success Secrets – 5 Must-Know Keys To The Law Of Attraction

I have been aware of the Law of Attraction for a few years now and there has been proof in my life, both good and not so good at different times, that this is the real deal. Very simply: What you think about and how you feel about it is what you attract.

On the other hand, the sorts of stimuli that produce negative feelings, negative Stay positive are those that produce disappointment, sadness, confusion, loneliness, lack of what we need, stress, hurt and anger. Have you ever heard the expression that you could cut the atmosphere with a knife? This is especially true around anger.

In step two, you want to read the Blueprint you created in step 1 every single day. Find a quiet place then close your eyes good vibes for minutes and create a mental movie of how your life is with him. Your mind does not know the difference between what is real or imagined, so imagining that he “is” real, will make you feel as if he “is” there now. When you feel goose bumps and happiness while visualizing, you know you’re on the right track.

Definitely do NOT try to force your way out when you’re in the middle of vibrations. You’ll almost certainly just get pulled right back into your body since you haven’t yet matched up with a nonphysical focus.

Amazement at the sudden arrival of autumn isn’t really about the passage of time itself, but rather it’s frustration that we haven’t used the season as well as we might have. There were things we’d hoped to do, people we’d planned to see, and places we’d hoped to go.

We already covered the sleep paralysis wave in Lucidology 101 part 2. Essentially when your body shuts itself down in sleep paralysis you’ll feel something like a heavy lead blanket feeling being laid on your body. This feeling is unmistakable and a sign that you’re very close to success and you can use the exit techniques we’ll cover in part 12 to turn the paralysis into an O.B.E.

Immediately, I flipped my switch back to the good old joyful-giddy place and am thankful that some creepy little punk slashed my tires so that I could become aware that I need to replace my brakes. Hmmm. This good vibe stuff can be challenging. And that is no secret.