Top Tips To Controlling Your Memorabilia Collection

This is when we all start getting those emails that want to steal our secret codes and passwords. You know the ones: “Your Account Is About To Be Closed,” “There’s A Block On Your Account,”, “Congratulations – You’ve Won The Lottery (that you never entered).”and my favorite “Could You Help Me Claim My Funds?”.

If you only have a few valuables to store, though, it may be safer and cheaper to keep them in your Safe deposit box for sale. But if you need more storage space, a safe is probably the best bet.

Separate out valuable pieces or important family heirlooms. These should be kept in a home safe or safe-deposit box. You don’t want to risk losing these precious items. Sterling silver pieces should be cleaned and polished, and then kept in velvet pouches to prevent tarnish.

If the decedent’s house is not empty, it no longer qualifies for a homeowner policy. Call the insurance agent and have the policy changed to a Dwelling Fire policy. This is crucial, since the insurance company could deny coverage on a vacant home under a homeowner policy. Also place the policy in the name of the estate.

First and foremost, DON’T FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE EMAIL! If you think there might be a problem, access the account in question as you normally do on your PC and not with the link supplied in the phony email.

File the Will with Probate Court. Each state has laws that state the time requirements for filing a will after the death of the testator. Usually it is 30 days, but find out your state’s law.

The most known way to invest in the precious metal is buying bullion gold bars. Some countries, like Argentina, Liechtenstein or Switzerland sell them or buy them over-the-counter. You can also get gold from bullion dealers. You can hold the metal either in your own safety or in a safe deposit box.