The Jazz Method For Tenor Saxophone By John O’neill Review

Terrence Brewer: The accomplished Bay Area guitarist is marking the release of a new album, “Setting the Standard: Volume One,” with a high-profile gig. The evening finds Brewer in the company of Melecio Magdaluyo (saxophone), Kelly Park (piano), Brandon Essex (bass) and Micah McClain (drums). 8 and 10 p.m. Yoshi’s, Jack London Square, Oakland. $10-$16.

Raised by a single mother Najee and his brother Fareed were well versed in music via the record player as children. Najee began his musical journey on a clarinet in grammar school but he soon changed to the flute and saxophone. He began playing gigs professionally at age 15. Much of his career Najee and his brother Fareed have shared the stage together.

This is a beautifully crafted movie with fine acting, insightful direction, brilliant cinematography, and an artful script. The Italian locations are beautiful and striking. In its own realm of cinema, it is a superb production.

Even though there are tons of music apps for iPad, not each application is great and useful for playing music. I found such apps as iCanBass, iGuitar Free, Guitar and the free version of WI Guitar Free pretty useless.

As far as artist are concerned: Intro, MC Breed, The Mac Band, All Saints. I have had multiple commercials on the West coast playing my music from clothing stores to restaurants. Right now, I have commercials playing in 12 countries, mostly wine commercials, from Caves Jean Schlink-Hoffeld winery in Luxembourg Germany. My sound generation work is used over and over in Disney animations, as well as, Dreamworks and Pixar projects. I do quite a bit in music licensing. Dove, Famous Dave’s, Horton hears a Who, pretty much any Disney Animation after 1995.

Artist Courtney Drummey is a singer and song writer from Simsbury, CT. She will be accompanied by Mike Johnson from Harwinton on lead guitar, Jack Johnson from Harwinton on drums, Ethan Kyzivat from Simsbury on keyboard, Will Scully from Simsbury on violin, guitar and mandolin, and Cameron Dickson of Burlington on bass. “We are looking forward to our performances at the Lake again this year” says Courtney.

9) Get out of yourself. Be grateful for what you have. Do you have enough clothing, food, and a roof over your head? Probably so. Do volunteer work, or spend time listening to a friend or family member in need. By helping others you realize that whatever your “trauma of the day” happens to be, really isn’t so important after all.