The Irish Pot Of Gold

If you live in a small town, as I do, finding unique or desirable Christmas tree ornaments and toppers is difficult because of the lack of shopping choices. Luckily, Al Gore created the internet (haha) just for people like us who either can’t find perfect tree accessories in town or who just like to shop online.

Another way to ensure a constant flow of cash in your business is to design different payment schemes. It is better to give extensions, but this is just the exception and not the rule.

For those of you who don’t have the money to invest, you will HAVE to invest your TIME. How much is your time worth? Many are drawing 6-figure incomes from the internet within 2-5 years. The internet has made more millionaires from the average Joe than any other vessel in history. Is 2-5 years a hard pill to swallow? It shouldn’t be. How many of you are going to work your nine to five job for 40-50 years and have nothing to show for it?

The only two starters who would remotely spark some interest in me are Dan Haren and Shaun Marcum. Haren will be asking for big money, but is in the decline of his career. Despite only being 32-years-old, he has logged a lot of innings (over 216 innings pitched every year from 2005-2011) and began experiencing some back issues last season. Haren also has a knack for collapsing in the second half of the season. The Red Sox have had enough of late-season collapses.

If you have some old gold jewelry out there just collecting dust, it is likely worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But if you are not sure how much your gold is worth. Right now gold is worth about $ 24 a gram. If you’re thinking that is measured in troy ounces, but usually the easiest way to value gold is the gram.

So then I decided that I would go into that site and place my ad every few hours. This way I knew it would always stay close to the top of the page, and hopefully be viewed by a potential customer. How right I was!!! Eventually, I had my first customer and had made my first sale on the internet! What a feeling! I was ready to take the internet by storm…

If you travel to Moon Mountain Pass before you head to Ice Mountain, you still trigger the cut scene in which the Sharpclaws spot you and begin to ambush you with barrels. Even though Fox’s translator is not functional yet, the Sharpclaws speak in English instead of Saurian.

The second mine was located some 3000 feet westward but can only be reached by traveling south on CR 29 and taking a right onto CR 204 for about 4,000 ft with the site on the right hand side of the road. A little further northward is Buchannon Creek, a possible panning site.