Some Quick Tips To Make Your Home More Green

Often, when people consider the need for a new kitchen, it’s the look of the cabinets that bothers them most. Maybe it’s too dark, too light, too whatever! No matter the reason, there is something tired about the look. And 90% of what you see when you look at those cabinets is the doors!

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If you have standard exposed hinges, you’ll find the hinge replacement to be super easy. If you have concealed hinges that require a large diameter hole in the cabinets, called a “bore”, then it can be a little more challenging, but still not too tough. You can actually measure your hinge locations and have the company you’re ordering from do the bore for you!

3, Secure any loose items you may have in your bug out vehicle. If using an RV as your bug out vehicle make certain that the items within the cabinets, the kitchen sink and counters, bathroom sink, items in the shower area, and other loose items can not bounce around while traveling. Securely latch all cabinet πορτες alfinodoor.

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Avoid purchasing doors with glass that can be broken to gain entry. Use paned or block glass on windows so burglars can’t break them and climb through. Be sure that all doors and windows are locked securely before retiring at night. Just one unlocked entry is all a burglar needs to bypass your home security.