Preparing A Fast-Turn Cd Or Dvd Duplication And Printing Job

CD duplication is one process that a lot of people turn to today. It is probably one of the most convenient and easy ways that allow somebody to reproduce CDs. This process can be done at home, by simply using the ordinary CD writer. Hence, if you have this hardware at home, duplication could be done real fast.

The problem is, with the advent of MP3s and MP4s, and even sites like YouTube, many artists today think releasing a CD is not necessary anymore. Why spend money for blank CD RWs, CD cases and dvd duplication services, if you can settle for cheaper and easier-to-make MP3s?

Supply 2 Masters; Always supply your duplication company with two checked masters. If one of your masters has scratches, errors or is broken in shipment, the duplicator has a backup to use. This eliminates the hassle of burning another master at a later time and shipping it to the duplication company. Also, be sure to keep an extra master on hand as most duplication companies do not return masters automatically.

Check Your Master; I have seen to many projects re-ran because the customer was missing a key data file to a presentation, audio files were out of order for a bands album release, HTML files were not linked, auto-runs were not put in place, etc. The list could go on.

Dual disc technology gels the DVD side (a standard 0.6 mm-thick DVD layer of 4.7 GB) with a CD side (a 0.9 mm-thick CD layer accommodating 60-minutes playback/recording or allows a 525 MB data storage).

If you are a DJ, an artist, a band or perhaps a record producer needing duplication services it can be helpful to see if the provider have a track marking service, to split the mix or demo up into easily identifiable parts or songs. Better yet ask the company to do that absolutely free, they probably will for any sale.

The milieu where the process of glass mastering is done needs to be the cleanest and the highest quality. The room or place is a “Class 100”, 12 times cleaner and neater than an operating theater. The room does not allow more than 100 particles for every cubic foot of air. This is because the main entities that affect the glass master’s quality are smoke, dust, and pollen. Small, but they can cause potential damaged to your master.

Good graphics could be anything that your heart desires, however I do recommend that your graphics be eye catching. Do not be afraid to use color with your graphics. It has been proven that color attracts people. Good Luck!