Politics Is Boring, Trust Me On This

Apparently while he was working his members for the vast wealth he has accumulated; and while living in a multi-million dollar home; and driving an auto with an outrageous price tag, he has been accused of doing the very thing he preached against.

We grow when we shake our fists at Government tyranny corruption, and stand in opposition to the disgusting attempt by Hollywood to mold society into their low moral renditions. We are better than that. Indeed we are more than that.

Seriously, she is the most marketed person in the history of marketing and politics. I see her on TV more than I see the Geico. Can the republican party make it any more obvious all of this is a way for her to be visible to as many people as she can before announcing a run to the presidency. They are setting her up to be the delicate mom/woman that you cant say boo to without pissing off millions. She is basically turning into Kate Goslin. If that reality show works, and she doesn’t say anything really stupid, she’ll have it made.

We were grabbing our leaders by the shoulders, shaking them, screaming at the top of our lungs to not increase the national debt by twofold – we were trying to knock some sense into them – but Nooooooo! They didn’t care less what the people had to say – they went on and began their methodical takeover of America’s core industries. How can we let this happen? Look at these bumbling fools in Congress how did we as a people let them get this Governmental Corruption much power?

One of his arguments was that we could build a liberty ship in WWII in 3 days, yet why does that same technology not build windmills and other green stuff. Straw man folks. See, the US could build a bazillion windmills per day, and if the damned things worked we would, but . . . .

We were not allowed to collect the harvest. Government gave different citizenship status to the members of the same family. The army burnt all our documents. They took all our cash crops and food crops. They pasted a paper in our home to leave our place and threatened to kill us if we disobeyed.

I was born in Bhutan. The government forced my family to flee my home land. After leaving the country, we arrived in Nepal as refugees. For 16 years we were housed in a camp in south-eastern part of the country.

Discouragement can creep up in our lives without notice and can prevent us from doing what we know is the right course of action. Once you recognize the discouragement, the steps above can help you to overcome it and return back to the work you have neglected. The satisfaction of completing the project despite the discouragement will become a memorable event for you to recall one day.