Opportunities And Inspiration

Beginning novelists are often confused about imagination and inspiration, unsure of the specific roles each one plays and unsure of how the two interrelate.

My lifelong mission has been to inspire people… myself, as well as others. That’s why I’ve been drawn to pursuits in the arts – I’ve been a singer, an actor, and a writer throughout my life, whatever else I may have been doing for money. And I’ve been fortunate enough to make a fair amount of my living from my creative endeavors, too. This experience has taught me something about discover more, the forces that work against it, and what it takes to kindle (and rekindle) your passion for work and life.

You have to make the shift from focusing on something external to focusing on yourself. If someone motivates you it’s like you have an external shell of motivation. It’s belonging to somebody else’s. So it doesn’t lead you to take action. If you feel motivated deep inside yourself, you’re lead to take action. Most exterior motivation comes in the form of hearing about others’ achievements, empty motivational phrases, and others. Interior motivation comes in the form of you knowing you can do it, you remembering past successes, and others.

You can find inspiration and creativity with just 20 minutes per day. spend more time if you want to, but it can be done just spending half an hour a day roughly, trying one or more of these ideas. If you have more time and want to try several at once then go ahead, it will only benefit you.

That growing is a matter of shedding off and accumulating is most easily seen in the physical aspect of our growth. We know that the cells in our body die, some after a week, others after a year, and are replaced by new cells. We shed off the old cells and we accumulate new cells which in the course of time are themselves shed off and replaced by new ones.

You need to determine for yourself which one works best for your personality. Positive motivation is putting things in front of you that you want and visiting them regularly, thinking about them regularly, and having a vision of what your life could be like with those things in it.

We’re all beacons of inspiration. You don’t have to be a head of state or the CEO of a large corporation to be inspiring. You can do it right where you are whether you’re a salesperson, sales manager or in the mail room. Whatever your station in life, in your own way, be an inspiration to those around you. Be all you can be and help others do the same.