Inspiration Messages: Cheating In The Game Of Tennis

Many people who start a home based business are not successful. The reasons why people fail will differ from person to person. I want to have a closer look at the theories of motivation to analyse some of the reasons for failure.

Why do you set certain goals in your life? Why do you want to achieve these goals? The answers to these questions could serve as your motivation. Furthermore, these answers can give you the drive to stay motivated and focused so that eventually you may learn how to deliver motivation. However, if your reasons are a bit ambiguous, then you will have the tendency to procrastinate and not get the job done. Therefore, you have to know the exact reason why you are setting goals for yourself. Once you have discovered the reasons, you will certainly have the motivation to get the work done.

Self-discipline is not a part of motivation. If you take all the motivation in the world but fail to exercise self-discipline and put action behind it you will fail. Failing is OK if you learn from your failures and change the things that made you fail in the first place. But if your failure if due to a lack of action then it’s not really failure it simply a lack of action. Self-discipline requires you to actually go forward with your goals. Take regular small steps towards your final achievement destination. Motivation by itself won’t get you there. The only thing that will make your dreams come true is action.

I just tend to prefer a pound of perspiration and the increased probability of success. And of course, I write how to books and related non-fiction. So my worship of the muse is slightly skewed. But still, play with me is necessary.

For example, when you see a video clip of a destination holiday on the television, you are drawn and motivated to get to that specific destination. This is usually what marketers or advertisers try to do when they lure to you to buy their products. When you make an effort to find the resources to get you to the holiday destination, you are driven by a T motivation.

When you want to achieve something that is important to you, just start the ball rolling. Start pushing that motivation ball until it creates its own momentum…and it will, and then it might even be hard to stop. As the famous Nike motto says ‘Just Do It!’ Or as the famous quote attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says: ‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it’.

Here is a small bit of advice for finding your drive and inspiration. Set a goal for yourself and then strive to reach it through a trusted program or challenge. For a goal, why not pick up an outfit from the store that is smaller than your actual size? Make it a goal to fit in it within a certain date. The outfit is your weight loss inspiration or your inspiration can from a person or support group. For a good challenge, find a program that might offer an incentive (like free membership, prizes, gift cards, etc.) for losing a certain amount of weight. Make your own choice and try hard till you reach your goal. I truly wish you the best in your weight loss journey.