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Associated Content (AC) is blessed with many talented writers. Some are humorous. Some are brilliant. Some are eccentric. Some educate. Some fill your heart with joy. Some reach into your very soul with their own.

Like most good writers, these individuals come from all walks of life. Some are students. Some are career people who write in their limited spare time. Some work from home. Some struggle to make writing their career.

For fifteen years, I lived and died with a team that defined the word “lousy.” They never came close to making the Playoffs in all that time. I remember a headline in which then-Cubs manager Leo “The Lip” Durocher cautioned Cubs fans not to panic because the team was “only” 7 look at my lives out of first place at the All-Star break. They finished the year about twenty games back. And fading.

There are various environments that are provided for you to ride the vehicles. Some of them are driven in the streets where you are supposed to avoid hitting other cars and pedestrians as you try to escape from the police. You can also choose the ones that are driven in the deserts where you are expected to go over the sand dunes and get to the finish line.

First on my list is a writer simply known as The Barefoot. This cerebral man of the 21st century enjoys software design, datamarts, humor and satire, and the comedy of the absurd.

The big 3 of the St Louis rotation are as impressive as any in the league. Adam Wainwright had an earned run average of 2.02, a history of 14-5 and with 4 complete competitions, a scarcity in today’s baseball.

When the hour was finally up, I walked over to the console, my heart in my throat. I could see the button, and I imagined the red rings returning, taunting me. I closed my eyes, pressed the button and….