How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret The Breakup And Come Crawling Back

Cranky Boomer men really do need to chill! I came across an article in the Santa Barbara Independent by Dr. Michael O.L. Seabaugh. He’s a licensed clinical psychologist in Santa Barbara. It was titled Men of an Uncertain Age and I could swear he was talking about me. Okay, maybe me and a couple of million other Boomers my age (58).

“Look, just look at her all sprawling body and soft feathers, and kind eyes, laying there.” She actually looked as if she was sunbathing on the Lima beach.

Flirt with other women in front of her and then ignore her. This will be a great way to annoy your ex but it will also get her back to being interested in you. For some reason, women just cannot stand men who ignore them. Some kind of reverse telehealth psychology!

If by this time you haven’t reached a breakthrough, but are now increasingly sure that this method could indeed work – but with a real-live therapist – then seek out a reputable psychologist in your area who specializes in “root cause” hypnotherapy, and ask him to continue the treatment.

Ask what their model of treatment is. Most Asperger’s therapists will focus on teaching social skills, either individually or in group therapy sessions.

Communicate in a patient and clear way the reasons for your change in behavior. Reward the basic self after a positive behavior. Obviously, the key here is giving the reward after good behavior rather than splurging beforehand.

Thus the solution is to take away the attention that you give your ex and go cold on your ex. The sudden rejection will make your ex crazy to get your time and attention back.