How To Make A Living With A Free Google Blogger Blog

Have you ever thought of repurposing your Article Resource Box for more prospects and profits? Then you will want to read and take action on this article.

I have done this a lot of times and to tell you the truth, it’s not easy. To submit just one article to hundreds of directories took me a couple of hours and even days. This is just to gain backlinks and to promote my new blog. Article directories is a great source of backlinks and the good thing about this is that it’s all free.

It is important to write on specific topics, and add specific keywords to get the best results and highest revenue with Google AdSense ads. Next add your adsense code and voila. People will come to read, hear or see your content and they will click on your adsense ads. This is how you earn money.

But as a starting point, I would highly recommend this tool for those who are beginning to market their site or Follow me. This little tool can help you build links and traffic as well. This can also help you if you are selling something on the internet. It will definitely boost your exposure and your sales will follow. This is a tool that will definitely help you out.

A lot of experts recommend you wait a month before you start thinking about site monetization. I can see the logic in this. After all, you want to have a decent collection of interesting projects, ideas, articles and related stuff before you start looking for the money.

With an e-mail marketing list, you have subscribers that can down the road become customers. For instance, if you start a blog and gain a loyal following, without drawing them in with a list, you have no idea how to target them and market products to them. Without keeping tabs on them, they just become random numbers instead of actual people. Without an e-mail list, you don’t truly know what to do with the data and you can’t keep them coming.

Then, perhaps you can create accounts and start new threads in various forums where you can embed your video. Forums are also one of the great venues for site publicity. Also, some community sites, such as Myspace and Multiply allow members to embed videos in the comments section. You might as well take advantage of that. And most especially, don’t forget to share your videos with your friends and encourage them to share the videos with other people.