How To Create Massive Visibility Online – 4 Paths

Wendy Palmer is a sixth degree black belt in aikido and teaches aikido in Sausalito, California. She’s written many books using aikido principles to help people become more conscious, confident, compassionate, and Visible.

Take a self-inventory — this is basically an assessment of where you are in your current position. What are the skills and attributes you have that are important to the company. If you aren’t sure, ask your boss.

Facebook – If you are not putting your articles or links to your articles on Facebook you are missing out on a ton of Website and traffic. Just like on Twitter, you can post a Facebook update with a suggestion from your article and include the link.

A hi vis fleece might be what’s required when it’s not cold enough for a warm jacket. As well as being warm and bright, it’ll allow your staff to get on with their jobs, in comfort.

I’ve taken this just as example. You can define your market area wise also – like particular area in your city. That is also a good way to define your ideal patient or ideal market. But the important thing is how much visible you are in this market? How many people know you?

Another challenge people have is once they have created a USP they seem to be married to it. Avoid the trap of having a canned USP. Make it spontaneous according to the situation.

You can’t choose your safety clothing on cost alone. You’ll need to ensure that standards are met, and the clothing allows you to do your job properly. High visibility clothing is just as important, if not more so, than your other work clothing, and should be given the same consideration.