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The sand, sea, and sky-among other things-are the reasons why visitors flock to Mexico every year. Nevertheless, everyone, including you, is required to be a conscious traveler. You need to know the dos and don’t’s, as well as what to do, once you are already in the country.

As I often say, the beautiful blend of pathos & humor really came out of the hearts of who our writers were. They’re extraordinarily insightful, passionately aware, alive human beings who love to laugh and make other people laugh. Ira Behr and Ron Moore and Rene Echevarria are all people who get it, you know? And they were brought together by one of the top writers of all time, Michael Piller, who we unfortunately lost far too soon. It’s not surprising to me that the show’s deep messages and hilarious antics were often both created by the same writer in the same episode. That’s who these writers are.

Sci Fi Channel fare (I call it “We scream, we point, we get eaten”) isn’t generally rocket science, it isn’t meant to be, but it can be fun to shoot. I’ve turned down a lot of horror/scifi because it’s very often stuff that’s bad for the soul, in my opinion. But some of it can really be intriguing, with deeper meanings than those seen at face value.

My solution is to treat you home-based business as a business by getting up, take a shower and get dressed. Your work space should be free of distraction and cleared of clutter. Set your work schedule and stick to it, such as 9 to 5. Take breaks to clear your mind and stop at 5 and go home to your family, TV and hobbies.

If you want to see good food going to waste instead of to starving children, wear those goggles, a cycle helmet, and thick gloves to avoid losing your eyesight or getting hit in the head and injured permanently–by tomatoes, or worse yet in Ivrea, by oranges that can break your skull or take out an eye or crush your nose.

Want to throw food at people? See your singapore and bali packages from south africa for a tour guide for the summer months when the tomatoes or the oranges are thrown to promote tourism as much as honor the saints. Maybe you’d be better off sending peanut butter packs to Africa or solar cooking stoves where needed. The University of California, Davis is doing its part by sending to starving families in Africa some packs of peanut butter fortified with vitamins that don’t require any type of can opener.

In my eyes, our producers could do no wrong. Seriously. I think our whole cast felt that way. They wrote beautifully, cast a winning team, and put the show onscreen, on time, and on budget every week for 7 years. It was the #1 syndicated show in the world when we left the air. It touched a lot of lives, even years later, in a lot of ways.

Lastly, airlines try to promote loyalty by giving frequent flyer miles. As enticing as they may sound, sometimes it is better to just find the best deal you can on any airline. Remember it is getting much more difficult to use those frequent flyer miles.