Do You Treat Your Home Based Business With The Respect It Deserves?

Panera Bread restaurants are going to try out a new charitable venture that could possibly help millions. The St. Louis-based chain announced to the Associated Press on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, that they will start a trial run on the pay-what-you-want campaign. Three years after launching the first of five pay-what-you-want cafes, Panera Bread will soon start a trial in all 48 cafes in the St. Louis area.

Henry Ford did not invent the car, he invented how to produce cars economically. Jorma Ollila, scott levy fuelonline of Nokia, did not invent the mobile phone, but he invented the superior way to lead the mobile phone company. Ingvar Kamprad did not invented a chair, but he invented how to market them effectively through big outlets outside big cities.

Yes, all of us need encouragement AND accountability. Without question, one of the top reasons that most people fail at burning fat or losing inches is because they don’t have the support of others. Sure, there are exceptions and you may be one of them. In fact, most of the time I’m pretty disciplined now. But you know what always takes me to the next level? It’s having that little bit of encouragement when i feel like I can’t go any further or when I want to take a day off!

There are performance bonuses that are set up in the following categories. Bench Press, 40 yard dash, Touchdowns (total), Rushing, Receptions, Quarterback Accuracy, Sacks allowed by Offensive line, Sacks by Defense, Interceptions by Defense, Tackles by Defense, Extra Point and field Goal accuracy. The total amount in cash prizes is $13,500.

This is only appropriate for conferences, obviously, not a presentation to 6 people around a boardroom table. One way I sometimes begin my ‘Corporate Combat’ keynote speech is by playing a tape of battle sounds (machinegun fire, explosions, etc.) at high volume before entering dressed in military uniform, shouting at them like a deranged Sergeant-Major. The buzz that this creates is amazing.

The best solution in making a home based business work, is to know how you can make a lot of money in the shortest amount of time and legally! People are always looking! The problem is, it’s never easy, nor should it be! But it can be a bit more automated, I mean there are billions of people that could be potential buyers, why billions? Because I’m talking about the internet my friends! Using the internet as your marketing vehicle is one of the best solutions in our life as marketers, and I want you to experience this with me!

With an immediate annuity, it would only take about $134K to equal the GLWB payment for a 60 years old male. For a joint life payout, you would need a little over $153K. You would need to earn roughly 3% and 4.5% respectively to compete. That sounds a lot easier to me.

Did you get the point? My message was, that you have to make a research about yourself in order to find out your strengths, which will be the main elements of your future business plan.