Customer-Friendly Telemarketing

Recently I went to a seminar entitled, “Is is possible to make a living as a writer?” It was all fascinating stuff – and I’ve paraphrased the best advice I picked up in the article below.

We need to constantly ensure that our people know everything they need to know, and do everything they need to do in order to improve the first call resolution, quality and AHT. But the “KNOWING” must come first.

Her velvet voice had sold millions of sheets of the softest bathroom tissue known to mankind. Anything that came out of her mouth was as good as gold. Star-struck, the students all listened like attention-deprived orphans, waiting to get one last bit of tough love.

Let’s start with attitude because that is where it all begins. You can’t be truly good at anything without a positive attitude. The world is full of failures that occur because of a bad attitude. Life is stressful and difficult and many times employees bring this life stress into the workplace. They are thinking about everything except for their job and when it comes time to deliver excellent service, they let their own personal travails get in the way of their job.

The big advantage of work-at-home telemarketing services is that it brings back all those fringe professionals who are skilled but in no position to work regular hours at the BPO. Working mothers and single parents, along with retired professionals or freelance agents, are part of this group. The Titan Call Center Tijuana s that employ them do so because of certain benefits. These professionals know their work. They know how the industry functions and how they can improve the quality of telemarketing processes. Having them on board to do call center services is a safer bet than hiring fresh recruits who need to be trained. It takes a lot these days to have skilled employees on your payrolls. These professionals fill up that glaring lack.

Car rentals are the most obvious area where you get killed using the national toll free line. They may give you a slight upgrade, but nothing compared to the local office. The best approach is to contact the lot the morning you are flying in to simply see if they expect to have extra cars. Don’t reserve one unless they are going to be tight. Upon arrival, just stroll over and ask for a deal. They will always give you upgrades and tremendous pricing. Even better, take a cab into town to a local car rental. You will save anywhere from thirty to fifty percent on the pricing.

U-Haul, Offers low-paying ($7 an hour) e-hotline positions to help motorists. Hours are extremely flexible, so might be good as a second job to help in an emergency situation. Type the word “e-hotline” in their job search box to apply.