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Well, today, as I type this out I am at the doc’s office. Now don’t worry ’cause Mrs. Roberts makes sure that I do the right things to keep me young ’cause she’s younger than me & no one wants to hang out with an old cranky sick man; we have enough of those fellas in Washington. The only thing I think I could claim as an ailment is the nagging I get if I don’t do the right things my wife tells me to do. But I will tell you that’s a whole lot better than having someone say “I told you so!” on your death bed or not having someone care at all.

If you don’t understand the reason at all, call the insurance company and ask for an explanation you do understand. It is very common for an insurance company to deny a claim incorrectly or because there was not enough information on the claim form. If they have denied the claim incorrectly, many times the representative can fix the problem while you are on the phone.

I am one of the lucky folks that has a job that has benefits. Sometimes that makes me wonder if I really am the lucky one. Now I don’t want you to think this is my Republican blood sneaking out. I believe that if folks are human they deserve human decency when it comes to our country’s services and care. I feel I needed to express that before I went on. Nothing worse than being misunderstood because you’re not book-smart enough to convey your thoughts.

And speaking of the big city, you will find your car insurance rates will be much higher than if you live in the suburbs or out in the country. This is mostly due to the fact that increased traffic will lead to increased accidents. And theft is always a reality as well.

Ok, so I finally get in and much to my surprise I am not seeing the doctor, no, I am seeing the nurse practitioner, I have to say, I would rather not have the person called a PRACTItioner PRACTICing on me, sounds a little bit geeni pig-ish.

Fortunately, for us all nearly every doctor and dentist accepts Blue Cross Insurance. With Blue Cross dental insurance, you can see any doctor you like as long as they accept the insurance. Blue Cross is the largest accepted Expat Insurance vietnam around. The doctors can tell you that they are paid promptly with Blue Cross patients and others do not surpass their service record. Very few doctors do not accept Blue Cross insurances. There is an excellent chance that your dentist will accept Blue Cross Dental Insurance. If for some reason he or she does not accept Blue Cross, ask them if they can refer you to a doctor or dentist that does.

So if you do not have life insurance, you are sticking your family with tens of thousands of dollars in expenses. When they have to pay these costs, they may have to sell the house, they may lose the house, or they may lose cars. In other words, your family could lose everything in the event of your death.

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