Choosing The Perfect Tattoo

When trying to find a tattoo artist for your Fleur de Lis Tattoo, you want to look for more than just someone who can draw. You want a solid overall experience.

You can expect your newly done tattoo to be quite sensitive, red and swollen**. For most that feeling fades after a day or two and it also depends on the size, placement and style of the tattoo. If it is still swollen and angry by the third day, contact your tattoo artist.

Fresh equipment. This is very important. Make sure you see the tattoo equipment artist removes a needle and tubes from a sealed package before your procedure begins. Any pigments, trays and containers should be unused as well.

Within the first week, the tattoo will begin to scab and peel. Do not worry, that’s normal! Don’t force it when it does start to peel. When washing it with your hands, it should come off on it’s own. If it is scabbing, do not apply ointment or lotion until after the scab itself has completely dried.

Once out of the shower pat the new tattoo dry with a clean towel. This should not be a towel pulled from the hamper. Do not dry your tattoo like you would normally dry a part of your body. Try to be very gentle. Since your tattoo is a wound it’s very easy for germs and dirt to get in and make it infected. The number one goal is keeping your fresh tattoo from becoming infected. Next apply some lotion with a soft touch. Use enough to cover the surface of the tattoo but don’t over do it. You may notice the skin around your tattoo is sore and red. Don’t panic, this will go away over time.

Most used tattoo equipment parlors will require payment for their services before they begin. This again will vary from shop to shop and each will vary in the types of payment that they accept. You should always request a receipt for your payment.

Are you prepared to treat the area as recommended to avoid infection? This will likely involve keeping the tattoo site covered until it is able to heal properly and keeping it clean in the way that the tattoo artist or physician recommends.

Using disposable tattoo needles with suited tubes and grips, the clients may feel more at ease. Artists save the money and time on cleaning and sterilizing equipment. The price of such kits is pretty favorable, which should be an extremely wise choice. Enjoy a safer tattooing with disposable tattoo needles.