Birds Help: Wild Bird Identification, The Fun Side Of Bid Watching

By now you have your field guide. You have practiced looking at the birds eating in your backyard. You want to go on a nature walk to see some different birds, but you know that you can’t see them without binoculars.

The field of view is the range of area you will see around the object you are directing the binoculars towards. best night vision goggles with a greater field of view will allow you to see a greater area to either side of your focus point. You’ll want a greater field of view if your binocular use requires that you see a greater range of the distance.

Now I can’t imagine just seeing the fancy tail on a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher and missing his beautiful salmon-pink sides and flanks. A Green Jay’s head is a most magnificent velvety blue and black. A Purple Martin is not just another dark bird. A Barn Swallow is not a Swift. Who knew?

Choosing the right pair of birding binoculars depends entirely on the birder and when he or she likes to watch birds. Most birders select binoculars with a magnification of 7, 8, or 10. While higher powered binoculars will give you a closer look, there are a number of drawbacks. To begin with, a higher powered binocular will have a narrower field of vision. This is helpful when looking at distant birds in open spaces where there is abundant light, but if you are birding on an overcast day or at dusk or dawn, high-powered binoculars are not ideal. It all depends on what kind of birds you will be watching and when you will be watching them.

Day hunters can go for something along the lines of 8×32 or 8×40, while night time hunters may need to consider 8×42 through to even 8×50 binoculars to ensure a decent image for hunting.

This means if your target was centered 1000 yards away, you would be able to also view 180 feet of terrain on both the left and right side of that target. Or if you were just scanning the terrain, you would be able to observe 360 feet of coverage at any given moment.

Seeing the Heavenly Delights looking up at the night sky, watching the endless dance of the galaxy and seeing objects light years away from us is an exciting and humbling activity. To experience it to the fullest, purchase a stellar pair of astronomical binoculars.