Better Service Equals Better Health

Being a home care professional takes compassion and the ability to help others. There are several positions available today to help seniors live a long life at home. Home health aides help to provide a large part of seniors care so they can stay in their home. This care can be in the form of personal care, chores around the house, driving them to the doctors, grocery shopping, paying bills, outdoor chores, indoor daily chores, preparing meals, and more. A home health aide can make life easier for seniors in so many ways. In order to be able to provide the utmost in care it is important to find the best practices for home health aides.

Although the Department of home health aide salary and Human Services has reported that 70% of the elderly population aged 65 and older will require care anytime from now, it did not say that the younger generation is exempted.

We’ve now established you need long term care insurance. LTC insurance is inexpensive if purchased at a young age. As with most forms of insurance, it is cheaper when you don’t need it.Think of it this way, you don’t have tornado insurance on your house. That day, you hear the weatherman call for a 100% chance of a category 5 tornado.In a panic, you call your insurance agent who quotes you an astronomical price. If you would have purchased tornado insurance last year, your premiums would have been much lower. The same goes with long term care insurance. If you purchase it when you don’t need it, you’ll save money in the long run. A 65 year old will pay more for insurance than who starts to purchase their insurance in their 40s.

The thing is, many times if you do decide to take your parents in, it can put a huge strain on your relationships with your spouse and children. Your already busy life will get even busier and sometimes you’ll feel as though you’re taking care of another child.

Can you afford to pay $79,935 every year for a nursing home? Too high? Then what about $36,480 for a home health aide salary? Still too high? That’s because not a single LTC service is cheap these days. Those who cannot afford it apply for Medicaid but this is after spending down their assets first.

It was a sit and wait game on whether or not she had any permanent brain injuries. A lot of praying went along. My mother-in-law and Christa’s mother-in-law went to the chapel to pray, where they said they received a message from God saying that Christa would be fine because during the accident he held her in his arms. This was a blessing to all of us because it was amazing that Christa had no injuries from the neck down.

Safely engage in fun activities. Do your best to ensure that you add some fun into your life everyday, and take part in activities that make you feel youthful and alive so as to continually feel young.

Finally, after you have a job interview, immediately send a follow-up thank you note. Not many people do this simple step, so you’ll make yourself stand out in a sea of applicants.