Attending Networking Events Helps Your Business

Let’s understand social media first. Social media is that form of media which is intended for social purposes. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer users platforms where they can come and share their daily life experienced with the like-minded people (this is perhaps the reason why most of us add our friends on Facebook, and not our parents). Social media sites, in the last few years, have broken all records of popularity. People seem to be crazy after these sites. A virtual world is now active on these sites. And, this gives businesses a chance to invade and find their prospective customers there. SMO does this job in a planned and effective manner.

Business signs are a good example. Try embellishing your sign’s bland title with interesting graphics. Or you can go all-out with a full-size billboard or two. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say; you never know how many potential customers just keep on driving because they just don’t know where you are. But it’s not the billboard…it’s the message that impresses.

Read my blog is unlike any other social networking site. It’s not a social networking tool, but rather a professional networking tool. It’s geared toward business and business members. LinkedIn is a powerful business networking platform used by over 10 Million members.

Too often businesses try to appeal to the masses and then fail to stand out. Being seen and heard in the right places starts with knowing who you want to reach. It’s the difference between Whole Foods and your corner grocery store.

Follow-up, follow-up – You probably have a bunch of business cards somewhere on a drawer or on your desk from people you met last year at networking event. Did you use those cards in anyway to build your network and grow your business? For sure if the cards stay in your drawer you won’t get any business or referrals from those people. Pick-up the phone, call them to learn more about their business, ask them how you can help them. Give them advice, resources or referrals. Meet them for a coffee, contact them on a regular basis with a phone call, a greeting card, send an article of interest, send them your newsletter, or connect them with other people. Track what you do to make sure you are always in communication with them.

Link Building through popular social media sites such as Facebook can be effective but in an indirect manner. Link on these sites have ‘No Follow’ attribute, which means than they do not directly help you reach the top of Google results. However, a good push on these social media sites can get the notice of the right tech or blogging eyes for your brand, which can bring wealth of links for your backlink profile. However, this is a long-term strategy and you must not expect any overnight change in your array of backlinks. Moreover, only professional link builders have the skills to gather juice with such complex strategy.

You want a system that operates just like a GPS navigation. When you use the GPS it gives you different routes to take just in case something is not right about your planned route. A system will give you different strategies that you don’t have to master all at once and it’s up to you to choose the best one that works for you. If one route doesn’t work try another one. The beauty of the system is you can customize it to fit what works for you. You have a variety of ways to pick but the key is to focus on one. Otherwise you will be lost like how I was on my first road trip to Atlanta for 12 hours. And you may get lost as well but over time you will find what works for you.