Are You Motivational Speaker Material

As the Mt. Hood tragedy of three lost climbers played out in Oregon and in the media, I found myself once again forced to revisit my own Mt. Washington near-death experience.

If you want to retire fast, look close into Network Marketing. This is important, especially if you are already 45 or 50 years old, and you don’t have a lot time to increase your income or savings. So if you no longer young, don’t panic. Network marketing can help you retire wealthy. Of course you can do it even at age 18, since it doesn’t require any special education or huge investment. In fact you can become a distributor with as little as $50.00 and as much as $1,500.00 for some companies. Regardless if you’re working on, or off-line I urge you to take at least basic training on marketing, distributing, prospecting and closing.

Nick: I think the Yankees will somehow pull the right strings and bring Santana to town. Not only do they have some good prospects and young players like Phil Hughes and Melky sports motivational speaker Cabrera to offer they also have a habit of throwing in trillions of dollars in order to make a deal work. And we all know how cheaply run the Twins are these days.

Jake: Boxer Leavander Johnson. Now, most of you probably went, “Who?” Leavander Johnson died several days after a fight in Atlantic City a few years ago. He was promoted by the company that I used to intern for and I had met him at a fight card just several weeks before it happened. He had finally won his first championship as a professional fighter, and his own heart and will – not going down and continuing to take punishment – cost him his life.

So how to get that mindset? Well, first step is to get to know the cocktail of conflicting beliefs, emotional states, and behaviors that makes up who you are. For most people, there are a lot of internal blocks to getting money, and these are often completely unconscious. You may have been taught the perfect “system” to make money, but the person operating that system isn’t a robot, it’s a person – you! – with human idiosyncrasies, contradictions and blind spots, often more than enough to sabotage the best “systems” available.

You have probably heard of this challenge, but have you ever done it? For the next 30 days do not watch any TV or radio news programs, newspapers, talk shows, etc. Instead use that time to listen to good music, read a good book, listen to a marketing keynote speakers. Another thing you should do is to remove all verbal criticism for this time period. Yes, that definitely includes your spouse.

What’s the difference? At first you, will try being successful by taking tiny steps each day. And next, you will expand the business and multiply the earnings within months! This is exactly what The Law Of Association explains. People who have a scarcity view of life, who keep complaining about the rising price of gas and petrol, will drag you to their “land of whiners.” Whereas, associating with people who are already playing a “bigger game” will make you play much bigger in your job/business.

Events are neither good or bad, its your view of events which makes it good or bad. Twins were interviewed. First one was asked why did you become an alcoholic. The twin says I had no choice my mother was an alcoholic. The second twin was asked how did you become so successful. The second twin says, I had no choice my mother was an alcoholic. Both brought up in the same circumstances, but they had a different view of the events. One used the events to inspire to success, the other used it as an excuse to fail.