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Sometimes, when we are in a hurry, there is a tendency to just throw things into the refrigerator after a meal without putting much thought into any kind of organization. This is a small area of home management that often gets neglected. Having a messy refrigerator is not a major problem, but it can certainly be a nuisance. When this happens, it is pretty common to end up with what looks like a science experiment growing toward the back of the refrigerator within a couple of weeks. Besides making it difficult to judge what is still safe to eat, this results in a mess that makes it very difficult to find what you want when you come back later.

However, there’s no need to freak out. The months leading up to your wedding will be confusing, crazy and exhilarating, but most of all, they might just be the best months of your life! So do not stress. This guide will help you get inspired to plan the wedding of your dreams. Here are some helpful tips to consider.

If you have a plan, it will work out better. Just remember that you can never control all the factors, so be ready to let go and not take it too seriously. Unless you are involved in a life threatening activity, stay focused and take necessary risks, without fearing a life-death scenario. You always have choices. Do not allow yourself to feel “painted into a corner.” Boring jobs are stressful and potentially unhealthy, so consider your options if you find yourself in a work situation that is not using your full potential. Even if it takes time to investigate and then to retrain or get things organized, you can make efforts to move yourself into a more positive situation. It helps to focus on the end goals and results as you move along your path.

Have you considered using some of your ceiling space for storage? Install racks in the ceiling. Ceiling racks can free up a great deal of floor space. This may make your things a little harder to get To do list online. Consider storing seasonal items, like skis, for example. This way, difficult access will not matter much.

You can use your ceiling for shelves and hoists. Many people keep large items stored this way. It is not uncommon to see wheel barrows hoisted to garage ceilings.

Make sure the choice you make is easy to clean. Some shelving makes it difficult to maneuver up under the individual shelves, but if the piece is installed on the wall with brackets, you can easily get to all sides for dusting and cleaning. It is also great if you can disassemble or remove the shelving easily to really get a good cleaning every now and then. Sliding the shelving off the brackets is an easy way to wipe it down and keep it clean.

Lastly, do a general cleaning of your house. Nothing is worse than spending an entire day, weekend or even a week cleaning and feeling like your house is still a mess. Go through each room, make sure everything is in its place, and get things organized. Throw away old mail, washing a few loads of laundry including linens, and enjoy the time while your home is at its cleanest. For the next few days, your house will be clean enough to improve your mood and help you catch a case of spring fever.